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We offer a wide range of beautiful accessories!! From Pillow Covers, to Goatskins and Calfskins, our variety is made with high quality raw material and we are proud to present you our products!
Wide range of accessories

Some of our Pillows have a high quality leather backing that distinguish them with luxury at your home, being the perfect option for the amazing detail in your couch. This Pillows are made in Brazil, a well known supplier of high end quality products in leather.

Our Calfskins are the best option for small spaces, where you need that extra touch of luxury and comfort. The quality and the softness of the Hide provide a warm and wellcoming feeling to your decoration.



100% High End Products

The Pillows from our suppliers in Colombia have a wide range of colors and tones, Tricolor, Black & White,   andBrown & White. This product have both sides covered with Hair on the Hide and produce a warm and rustic sensation for the decoration. It can also work as a break in the scenery, by the contrast with colors used in your decoration.


Our Goatskins, directly from Peru, are just a pure expression of Luxury and Exotic decoration. You can use them in a wide range of spaces and decorations, as the tones vary a lot from one skin to another, feel free to contact us and as for some pictures, we will be more than glad to assit you!!


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